How to relax



Our family is constantly on the go and as busy and exhausting as it can be i enjoy feeling like I have accomplished something during the day. This also helps keep my anxiety at bay as the busier i am the more distracted i am but this is NOT a healthy habit. I was beginning to get stuck in a rut and it took some horrible news of people losing their lives for me to realise that life is too short to be rushing through.

My happy place

I think it’s important for us all to have a space in our home that is ours, a place to have some alone time, to disconnect from the many distractions and reflect on the day. Solitude allows you to reboot your brain and unwind which has an endless amount of benefits. I have made a space in our home (its literally the corner of my bedroom) that is for me to do exactly that. I’m obsessed with home decor so any excuse i have for styling an area i’ll take it!

Here are the key things I do that help me relax

  • I begin by writing a list of things I need to do because once I have got it written down, it’s out of my mind and something I can pick back up later.
  • Magazines! My favorites are “Wellbeing magazine” and “Breathe Magazine,” as reading some short inspiring articles is way more realistic to me than trying to finish a whole book (it would probably take me a year)
  • Quotes! I have a huge book that I’ve written down all of my favourite quotes over the years, I will either find some more to add to my collection or read over the ones I already have.
  • Writing! Whether it’s in my gratitude journal or just pouring my feelings into my diary to get them of my chest, this ALWAYS helps.

I have actually solved so many little problems that have been bugging me while doing the above and feel so motivated and energised after even if it is just a 10 min break. It may seem impossible but i challenge everyone to give this a go in your own way, the benefits will do you wonders!









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