How to beat the holiday blues


It’s the Sunday after a 3-day getaway with my husband and children and I have the holiday blues (yes after only 3 days away!)

My husband runs a very busy business, I work full time in a management role and my eldest is in school while my youngest is in kindergarten so it’s not very often we get to spend time all together. We went away to Byron Bay which if you’re not from Australia it is famous for being the most relaxed alternate lifestyle capital of Australia and I LOVE it. We spent our days picking fresh macadamia nuts at the farm, going for long walks, building sandcastles on the beach, shopping at the markets and of course lots of eating at the many different restaurants and cafes.20170708_005315003_iOS So now here I am writing about my 3-day weekend after I have just unpacked, organised the kids ready for tomorrow and am about to start making dinner. It all seems a distant memory and now having to settle back into “reality” may seem depressing to some so I thought I would share my tips on how I ease back into it.

  • I always remind myself that “reality” is what enabled us to have this holiday. We are so incredibly blessed to live the life we do and although at times it feels exhausting, hard work is what lets us provide for our family, protect our future and celebrate the now.
  • I get organised. I make sure that when I wake up the next day that my routine is set up and ready to go including cleaning the house so the morning isn’t a crazy stressful rush for the family.
  • I start a goal! I find this a perfect time to start working on a new goal I have been putting off for a while, for example tomorrow I want to start eating healthier so I have made myself a yummy green smoothie to start my day off which I know always makes me feel good.

Just because your holiday has ended it doesn’t mean your relaxed attitude and holiday vibe must end too. I am going back to work tomorrow feeling fresh and ready for whatever challenges the day brings because life is all about balance and just like seasons you wouldn’t appreciate the warmth of summer without experiencing the chill of winter.

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