5 tips to supercharge your Sunday!

Sunday or Smonday? Yes I’ve seen a lot of people using the word Smonday lately with the description “The moment when Sunday stops feeling like Sunday and the anxiety of Monday kicks in.” I used to feel this way about Sunday too until 20170708_005534631_iOSI realised that worrying about Monday was doing me more harm than good and also having a negative affect on my family. Below are some tips that have turned my Smonday into a SUNday!

  1. Prepare for your Monday on Friday – It’s easy to get caught up with the excitement of the long-awaited weekend and wanting it to start as quick as possible but if we invest a little more time into doing things that will make your Monday that little bit easier you wont have a huge workload hanging over your head on Sunday.
  2. Plan your weekly meals – This is crucial for us as we are an incredibly busy family and we don’t have time to be thinking of dinner ideas last-minute. We do a big grocery shop on Saturday so the lunches, dinners, snacks and all the little things are taken care of before Sunday which leaves more time for relaxing!
  3. Invest in rest –  So this is easier said than done when you have children but is so important and sleeping isn’t the only way to do it. Having at least a 30 minute break from technology can have many benefits for your mental health, sometimes we get so caught up in multitasking between watching a TV show, checking out social media and catching up on e-mails that we miss the small things happening around us. Physical rest for me is actually making the time to go for a walk and if I’m lucky, sneaking in a 30 min nap. Of course spiritual rest is also important so taking the time to meditate and focus on mindfulness will help you take control of your emotions and give more clarity to your thoughts.
  4. Get outside – Whether you catch up with family or friends, check out that market you have never been to or even walk around the block to your local park, getting outside and enjoying nature are a must. Having a change of pace and environment does wonders for your physical and mental health.
  5. Prepare for Monday – I generally keep on top of my cleaning during the week so I normally only have washing to put away on Sunday. I’m lucky that my husband loves to do all the food preparation for Monday lunches and Sunday dinner which gives me time to set out school uniforms/work clothes, get our bags organised and do a quick review of my calendar to make sure nothing catches me by surprise.

Having this routine gives me peace of mind that I can enjoy my Sunday without having the anxious thoughts about Monday ruin my day.

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