The power of diversity

“Everyone smiles in the same language.” George Carlin

I was inspired to write about this post after watching the commonwealth games that just finished here where I live in beautiful QLD, Australia. I love watching the games not only for the incredible talent these athletes have (gymnastics is my favourite) but also because it’s a time when we get to celebrate people of every gender, socio-economic status, race, orientation or ability in the one place in harmony and peace.

It really got me thinking about how much focus we tend to put on the things that divide us rather than what binds us and are quick to judge without even talking to someone. We have so much we can learn from others but because of fear we don’t even ask.

Check out this video (It only goes for 3 minutes) which has such an important message and the power to change the way we see others and find something in common with people we assume we wouldn’t.

I have shared this with family, friends my team in work and now everyone here as it’s a message we need spread. It’s amazing how asking a few simple questions can make you realise we’re all more a like than we seem but also remembering that our differences are what makes us unique and the world would be so boring if we were all the same.

In diversity there is beauty and there is strength and it’s really the one true thing we all have in common.

Thanks for reading! ☮

12 thoughts on “The power of diversity

  1. New World Ascending

    That’s one cool vid. I have to be proud of the Dutch, partially because I’m one of them, although I’ve lived my whole life in the US and Canada. It’s nice to know they are continuing their tradition of being a peaceful people.

    Me? I tend to get along with most people if given the chance. Admittedly, some I’m more attracted to than others. I tend to like throwing away boxes, letting people be the way they would wish to be.

    Like you say, thank goodness for differences, without them life would be boring.

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      1. New World Ascending

        No, I don’t know of any Dutch traditions. That is rather odd now that I think about it, since I do come from the line of Dutch royalty.

        I was born in the States though, and haven’t travelled beyond the US and Canada. It would be nice to visit the Netherlands too. My uncle says there is a building over there that still has our family name on it.

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