How “The Art Of Happiness” by Dalai Lama transformed my life

“My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.” Dalai Lama

For as long as I can remember I have had an inner demon that enjoys making me feel uneasy about everyday tasks, or can make an exciting day into an anxious day or makes me worry about not having anything to worry about. It was around the age of 17-18 that I remember hitting an all time low and feeling so helpless I called the beyond blue help line and cried to a total stranger about how lost I was feeling. I can’t remember exactly what the advice was she gave me but she did recommend a book for me to read and it was while I was looking for that book that I stumbled across my now favourite book. The Art of Happiness by Dalai Lama XIV, Howard C. Cutler

image2I was captivated from the first page and it gave me a sense of peace and hope. It doesn’t focus on the concept of happiness but instead teaches you habits to reshape your mind to make each day easier happier. It was that book that made me gravitate towards learning more about Buddhism so I studied it daily and implemented a lot of their principles into daily life.

The 3 key elements of Buddhism are :-

  • To lead a moral life.
  • To be mindful and aware of thoughts and actions.
  • To develop wisdom and understanding.

I can honestly say I try to incorporate the 3 key elements of Buddhism into my daily life and hope my children do the same. I’m definitely not Buddhist but I would consider myself “Buddhish” and I think everyone has the potential to be too. I love that Buddhism is more about personal spiritual development rather than worshipping a God. If we could all practice compassion, mindfulness and share our wisdom, I’m sure we would all feel happier and live together in peace.

Finally here is the mantra I like to say with my children in the morning and I think it’s a nice little reminder for all ages. “Take good actions, say good words and think good thoughts.”

Thanks for reading ☮

23 thoughts on “How “The Art Of Happiness” by Dalai Lama transformed my life

  1. Bryan Fagan

    We are an amazing creature. We can display amazing acts of kindness unlike anything the world has ever seen and at the same time create destruction without care.

    It’s tough when we’re young. As in your case, we simply want answers but we’re surrounded by people who are searching as well.

    Sometimes all it takes is a book with the right tools to help us dig. Happy to see you found it. Hopefully others will too.

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    1. searchingformyinnerzen

      Thank you Bryan!
      It’s unfortunate that spreading negativity can sometimes seem easier than finding the positives which is why our world is so conflicted. I hope everyone can incorporate a little of the Buddhist philosophy in their lives.


  2. mrsmotherdirt

    I love that you are saying a mantra with your kids. We have a sign in our girl’s bathroom that says “choose happy”. I love it. Its a positive message they get everyday and it also underlines the fact they have choice/control about their thoughts.

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  3. msykmak

    I like how you said Buddhish. Nicely written. Sometimes religion carries so much of weight & differences. But the soul & spirituality is common to all mankind… It’s a journey we are on some with awareness of it & others not. But goodness is value we all want & strive for each day

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    1. searchingformyinnerzen

      I couldn’t have said it better myself! I often find myself being a little jealous of people who have a religion they share with others as I have never really found a religion I fit in and I do love that community spirit you get when sharing the same values as others. I guess this is why I like the idea of being “Buddhish” and this WordPress community feels like a place where I can share my thoughts with like minded people. 😊

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  4. New World Ascending

    The Buddhish statement caught my attention. Now that you’ve outlined the 3 key elements of Buddhism I would say I am Buddhish too, because somewhere along the line I began and have continued to practice all three of these tenets.

    I’m not one for religion. I would say I’m decidedly unreligious, though I do have a relationship with a Higher Power. It’s an interesting mix.

    In the end, I seek the truth, the truth about everything, because I find the simple concept, the truth sets you free, to be a truism.

    Thanks for the share. Enlightening!

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    1. searchingformyinnerzen

      I feel the exact same way as you. I have never felt any connection with any other religion so I figure why not take the things I do like and make it my own. I feel like there are so many people who share our view and I don’t think any harm could be done by practicing the 3 elements I shared.
      Thanks for commenting 😊

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  6. neilsonanita

    Beautiful heartfelt post! Instilling positive habits is a great way to focus daily. It seems to be bringing you so much happiness. Your kindness shines out of you and your words are truly inspiring. Much love, Anita.


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