6 Things That Made My April Amazing

“Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul.” Henry Ward Beecher.

It’s a little late this month as we are already 9 days into May but it wouldn’t feel right not posting my month review of what I’m grateful for from the previous month. I also like to do these as a reminder to myself that bad days are only temporary and that I have so much to be thankful for.

Easter break – We had a super relaxed Easter break as my husband has had a very demanding month in his business so needed some time to catch up on other things. I’m lucky that I had the entire 4 days off work We don’t really celebrate Easter and our little ones only get 1 chocolate Easter egg each because they generally end up sitting in our fridge until next Easter anyway.

Anzac Day – My husband took our son to the Dawn service and then we went and had lunch at a local pub. We bet on the toad racing (ours lost) and listened to the live band. The location was beautiful and we managed to capture some fantastic family photos with my grandad who was visiting Australia from Wales, UK.  It was also an important day of reflection for myself to really express my gratitude for the country we live in and to think of those who fought for our freedom. 

Footy games – I finally managed to watch my sons first footy game in April (I had missed others due to my daughters cheerleading.) I was so proud at how passionate my little guy was in supporting his other team mates and he really gave it his all. The community spirit of being in a club sport is something I have always wanted for my little family so I enjoyed every second.

Full moon – There is just something so magical about a full moon! Just like I put my crystals outside to recharge I feel like its a reminder for me to do the same.

Sunday Funday– We finally managed to get a lot of our closest friends together for a Sunday afternoon at the park. Everyone brings some snacks and drinks and the adults catch up while the children play. I sometimes have to pinch myself as the life I have created seems more like a dream than reality. Yes there are some bad days but there are far more good days than there are bad and that’s where I put my energy into making a priority.


  1. neilsonanita says:

    So many blessings in your life. Bad days simply remind us of how wonderful the good days are!! Anita.

  2. CloudandSunshine says:

    Yeah! There are so many things in life to feel grateful for. Instead of being grumpy about mishaps and misfortunes shouldn’t we all be appreciative of the good things that we have and feel blessed. Life would be so much simpler.

  3. What a beautiful overview on April <3

  4. “There are far more good days than bad days.” Ain’t that the truth?

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