4 tips to help deal with the never-ending cycle of bad news stories

A great man once said, “Be a lotus.” Which means, no matter how ugly, how evil, and how sinful everyone around you might become, do not allow yourself to be stained. A lotus remains beautiful even as it lingers in the filthy waters of the pond. Don’t be contaminated, do not be influenced by worthless means, remain radiant among the shadows of darkness. Be a lotus. It has to start with one, to fill the pond with more.

It quite frequently feels like there is no escape from the sad and troubling news stories from around the world. Often when we log on to social media or turn on the news there are reports of gun violence, acts of terrorism, murders, missing children, or a scary epidemic and it seems as if the world is growing ever more disturbing.

There’s no point in pretending that evil isn’t a reality and that the world will one day make peace with their enemies (although it would be nice) and I do think that we need to keep ourselves informed to a certain extent.

I sometimes worry about the kind of future my children will have as it’s easy to get consumed in all the negative happening in the world and want to shield them from some of the harsh realities, however we need to remember that bad news can teach us valuable lessons and motivate us to change our behaviours to make a difference. On so many occasions we see communities who would normally avoid each other come together in the event of a tragedy and consequently put any racial, gender or sexuality biases aside which proves we can live in peace. So instead of dwelling on the negative it’s important to teach our children that there’s also so much joy that can be had and is happening all around the world right now.

Here are some pointers I like to remind myself of when it comes to keeping updated with the latest world events.

  • Be informed but don’t obsess – If you do like to be updated with world news I would choose a time of the day to update yourself and then completely disconnect until the next day.
  • Do something positive to help – If there is a headline that has really captivated you find a way to help, no matter how small your action may be it could have a big impact.
  • For every piece of bad news make the effort to find some good news – It’s really easy to find good news stories and even typing into google “Good news” will bring up hundreds of websites and articles that share inspiring stories and uplifting news.
  • Accept uncertainty – Instead of letting uncertainty break us, paralyse us with fear and fill our heads with doubt we should embrace it. We should instead ride the fear, make changes, keep learning and always keep moving as there are just some things in life that are simple out of our control.

I hope that my children always remember that they can be the light in the darkness and their positive actions no matter how small can make a difference.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

Thanks for reading! ☮

17 thoughts on “4 tips to help deal with the never-ending cycle of bad news stories

  1. Ali

    I like the metaphor of a lotus not being tainted by dirty water. I think I do carry around bad news stories, and so need to manage this. We need to model coping strategies for our children too, as they get older and are exposed to more and more news.

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    1. searchingformyinnerzen

      It’s one of my favorite metaphors 🙂
      I couldn’t agree more! My son is a sensitive soul and if he sees the news on TV not only does he get sad but also worries. I cant shield him from the bad news forever so teaching him coping methods is the best I can do 🙂



    Hi! I am new to bloggong and thought this post was great! I agree – check and then disconnect! Being obsessed with always knowing the latest news only brings you down nowadays! Hope you had a great weekend!

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  3. Bryan Fagan

    We live in a time where every piece of news is our business. Bad news seems to sell more than good news, unfortunately. That’s why we see so much of it. There are plenty of good things happening in our world but it takes effort in finding them. It shouldn’t be that way. Sadly it is.

    You have a perfect list. We need to remind ourselves that good people are alive and well in this world. It’s not all bad.

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    1. searchingformyinnerzen

      I always try and share as many “good news” stories on my social media feed to give people a break from the bad as it can be totally exhausting.
      I couldn’t agree more with your comment and how bad news sells more than good news.
      I always enjoy reading your comments on my posts! Thanks so much for contributing 🙂


  4. New World Ascending

    Negativity is common in the world, but we don’t have to feed on it. I like to take note that our attention to things is energy and that we release energy to those things we pay attention to. So personally I like to focus on the positive and ways to benefit from life. This creates a positive cycle. The bad things around us will come, but that’s not my energy. I find that if I can focus positive energy about me, that life around me takes on that value. We are the masters of our universe.


  5. searchingformyinnerzen

    WOW! I absolutely love this! You are so right, our energy is everything which is why I encourage people to make a little more effort to find the positive news stories and share the joyful energy you feel from those with the world. Thank you for commenting! It is always a pleasure to read your thoughts 🙂


  6. taytaysfreshfaces

    I love this 💜 and I went a really long time without watching any news and then I felt out of the loop so now I try to do a brief run down Daily so I’m educated but not feed my mind negativity all day


  7. Shaun Jones

    I really liked the example of the lotus! It beautifully portrays exactly what you are talking about. We shouldn’t let the world affect us negatively, which is why I like the idea of doing something to positive. I hope I can start making that change today.

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      1. Shaun Jones

        That it is! Everytime a stranger smiles at me. I always smile back lol. Sometimes I wonder why they even smile because I don’t have a very approachable relaxes face. Some might even say I have RBF.


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