10 Relatable Anxiety Truths That Will Make You Laugh

“To truly laugh, you must be able to take your pain, and play with it!” – Charlie Chaplin

Today has been a really “off” day for myself and I couldn’t really put my finger on what was bothering me. I sat down with the intention of writing  a list of the things that are causing me anxiety and after 30 minutes my blank piece of paper was still blank. I did have a bit of a giggle to myself, here I am having heart palpitations and trying to control my breathing because I was worked up about, well…….nothing! As ridiculous as it sounds it’s a common reality for people who live with anxiety so I thought instead of sitting and dwelling in my current state I would make light of the situation and write a list of 10 daily struggles of an anxious person with a bit of humour added in.

  1. You’re constantly stressed about that thing that might happen but probably wont happen but still MIGHT happen. Capture1
  2. You suddenly start to panic because you don’t feel anxious
  3. When your phone rings and you don’t know the number and you cant figure out why they would be calling you? How did they get your number? Is it the police? Did someone die? So you ignore the call.
  4. If there was an award for over analysing things you would be the undefeated champion
  5. When you make the devastating mistake of agreeing to a social event when all you want to do is be at home with no human contact.thshtsrhrh
  6. You find yourself googling how a movie ends because you get too emotionally invested to be able to wait 2 hours to see if your favourite character dies (You need to mentally prepare for that!)
  7. You get chest pains when you go to do that thing you have done a million times before and you have no idea why but now its literally a matter of life or death.
  8. You often find yourself lying awake at 3AM pondering what would have happened if you passed that grade 2 exam 15 years ago. Capture3
  9. You often find yourself cleaning an already spotless house because spotless isn’t clean enough.
  10. You could be having the time of your life but your anxiety tags along too and reminds you of all the things that could potentially go wrong.

I hope that any fellow anxiety sufferers could relate and maybe even smile at a couple of these. I’m a big believer that if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry.

Thanks for reading ☮

26 thoughts on “10 Relatable Anxiety Truths That Will Make You Laugh

  1. katedaysaweek

    All of them are absolutely true! About #3: the other day my GP called me because she thought she hadn’t received my payment and as soon as I saw her name on the screen of my phone I had a full blown panic attack because I thought she was calling me to say I had two weeks to live or something.
    Our lives are sad LOL

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  2. Bryan Fagan

    I am number 6 all the way. To many times I have experienced bad endings in a movie. About a year ago I was watching this great movie and in the final ten minutes they kill off the boyfriend leaving the young lady devastated. Fade to black. I’m pretty sure I bruised my knuckles when I reached into the TV screen to strangle the writers.

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  3. New World Ascending

    This is humorous. Can’t say I’m much of an anxietist, but I know my wife used to be when I met her. She experienced the same things you express.

    We did some deep internal searching on that note and found that it stemmed from family issues, especially the degree of control her mother exercised over her. Once she broke off from that influence, the anxiety issues largely dissipated.

    But you’ve done well, for the time being at least until you find out that one thing that drives this, you’ve transmuted it from negative to positive. You will go far if you keep moving in this direction. On the rare occasion when I feel like something negative is trying to hold me, I just change the channel and move the subject into positive territory. It looks like you’re doing the same.

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  4. thoughtsnlifeblog

    Great post and tips as always..

    Befote when i wasnt paying attention to meditation and journalling when i was younger and starting work from uni, omg i was a mess.. but when i started routinely meditation and journaling reading and improving and facing my fear and doing stuff i slowly mellowed out. It a good 20 years now ..i get a bit overwhelmed at times but always push thru.. it helpd.

    Ps in June i am sharing meditation daily as to create a stronger habit and increase self mastery. Yesterday i wrote an invitation post…you are welcome to join..

    Regards bella


    1. searchingformyinnerzen

      It’s a long process and I’m definitely not 100% there yet. If there has one thing I have taken from sharing this post it is that I am definitely not alone and we can all go on this journey together (and have a little giggle in between) lol


  5. Shaun Jones

    Number 1 is me!! TO A T!!! Ugh. I hate it. I was struggling with this last night actually when my boyfriend wouldn’t answer my call back. The constant what-ifs were crowding my mind and then when he finally did call me back everything that I was thinking about didn’t even matter anymore. Sometimes it would be nice to just get out of my own head for once! Also, I’m totally number 4! Overanalyzing is an exact science for me. I can think of every possible reason why something can go wrong, but can I think of every possible reason why something will go right? No.

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