30 Things You Have Control Over In Daily Life

“Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over, instead of craving control over what you don’t.” Anonymous

I have been working hard on re-framing my thinking about how I react to the things are not in my control. After writing and sharing my tips on how to change your perspective I started to reflect on all the things I DO have control of in everyday life.
In typical “Natalie” style I started writing a list on all the things that are in my control and quickly had a list of 30 simple controllable things in daily life. I truly believe that if we put our energy into the things we CAN control and stop worrying about the unknown we can live a healthier more positive life.

So here is my list of things that the majority of us have total control of in daily life

  1. The time you wake
  2. Your attitude
  3. What you choose to focus on
  4. How many times you smile
  5. The way you talk to yourself
  6. The way you talk to others
  7. Your body language
  8. How you respond (to people and different situations)
  9. What you eat
  10. What you drink
  11. What you choose to spend//invest your money on
  12. How much energy you choose to use (and when you choose to use it)
  13. The cleanliness of your space
  14. How kind you are to others
  15. How kind you are to yourself
  16. How you express your feelings
  17. How present you choose to be
  18. Whether you choose to exercise
  19. How much time you dwell in the past
  20. How often you say thank you
  21. What you choose to learn
  22. How you interpret a situation
  23. How honest you choose to be
  24. How compassionate you are
  25. What perspective you take on a situation
  26. How many times I say I love you
  27. Whether you ask for help (who, where and when)
  28. Whether you give up
  29. What commitments you make (or cancel)
  30. The amount of rest you get

I highly recommend everyone takes some time to write their own list of the things you can control in daily life as it will surprise you how many things are in your control. I hope some of my list resonates with you and that it motivates you to be mindful of the choices you make.

Keep smiling ♡