6 Practical Tips To Help You Relax

“When there are things to do, give it everything you’ve got. When there is nothing to do, do nothing.” – Ajahn Brahm

My anxiety can make taking a break impossible. Our family is constantly on the go and although it can be exhausting I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment when I go to bed at night and being distracted from my thoughts. When I stop, even if it’s for a brief a moment I can feel my anxiety overwhelm me. I start thinking of things I should be doing or I feel consumed in guilt for not being busy and then I start worrying about things I normally don’t have time to even think about. It’s a mindset that has formed unhealthy habits over the years and I have noticed that even when I do have some “relax time” I often distract myself with my phone or the TV.

I am making more of an effort to take a couple of minutes at the end of each day to have some alone time, to disconnect from the many distractions and reflect on the day. 20171111_034358654_iOSInstead of rushing my shower I use that time to wash away any worries and allow myself to take the time to practice self-care without feeling guilty. Solitude allows you to reboot your brain and unwind so investing even a small amount of time to do exactly that has so many benefits. On a Sunday I like to spend an hour in my little “Zen” space I have made in my home (it’s literally the corner of my bedroom) for me to relax and unwind so I have a positive mindset for the week ahead.
If you’re anything like me, it may seem easier said than done to take an entire hour out for yourself so I have put together some tips that make the hour a worthwhile and guilt free investment of my day.

Here are the key things I do that help me relax

  1. I write a list of things I need to do – Once I have got it written down, it’s out of my mind and something I can pick back up later, I generally find that my list isn’t as big as I think it is.
  2. I make a cup of tea – English breakfast tea, milk and 1 sugar to be exact. There’s not much a cup of tea can’t fix.
  3. Candles or incense – I always have candles, incense or my diffuser on in the space I am in, it brings instant calm into my environment.
  4. I read magazines – My favourites are “Wellbeing magazine” and “Breathe Magazine,” as reading some short inspiring articles is a far more realistic for me than starting a book that will would probably take me a year to finish.
  5. Quotes – I have a huge book that I’ve written down all my favourite quotes over the years, I will either find some more to add to my collection or read over the ones I already have.
  6. I get writing – Whether it’s in my gratitude journal or just pouring my feelings into my diary to get them of my chest, this ALWAYS helps.

I have solved so many little problems that have been bugging me while doing the above and feel so motivated and energised after even if it is just a 10 min break. It may seem impossible, but I challenge everyone to give this a go in your own way, the benefits will do you wonders!

Thanks for reading and make sure you share your smile with the world today ☮




25 thoughts on “6 Practical Tips To Help You Relax

  1. Nina BW

    Those are some great tips! Number one works wonders for me, but I always ‘forget’ to actually do it. This post reminded me and I am taking my notepad out and making that list RIGHT NOW 😉


  2. Positively Alyssa

    Thank you SO much for sharing these amazing tips! I must say this is just what I needed as I have a really difficult time relaxing which means I am ALWAYS full of stress! I am really looking forward to reading more of your fabulous posts!! I hope if you have the time you will check out my site. Through keeping things very real and full of truth, I always aim to encourage and inspire others through my words!

    Liked by 1 person

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