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Hello beautiful souls reading,

So a couple of MONTHS ago (better late than never right?) I was tagged by the lovely Anita from Discovering your happiness for the ‘My Weekend Be Like This’ Tag.


  1. Tell me about your day in pictures (preferably own snaps). Use the pictures snapped/taken during 3 last days.
  2. It should reflect – who you are, what do you like or doing on a daily basis.
  3. Name for the post – any or “My day in pictures”.
  4. Humour is welcome; no rush with post (take as much time as you need) and it’s not obligatory (Please don’t forget to create a “pingback!” I would hate to miss on your posts.)
  5. Nominate 3 to 5 or as many as you like!

FRIDAY Capture

My Fridays are like any other day of the week. I drop my children to before school care and then head off to work for the day, I have been blessed with this beautiful sunrise the last couple of weeks which is a great start to the day. After work I pick up my little ones and head home for an early night as by the time Friday comes along I’m normally exhausted (So boring I know!)


Okay so Saturday is generally our “chore” day so it is a busy day but not with anything overly interesting. We always start our morning off with taking my son to his footy (AFL) game, its one of my favourite things to do as not only do I love watching him play but I also love supporting his team. We then went and did our grocery shopping (got to love adult life lol) and I picked up some bits and bobs to freshen up the kids homework/art area (before and after photo below.) Once that was finished I built a volcano with my son (epic fail) and then got remarried to Ken while playing Barbies with my daughter. After all of that excitement we ate some dinner and I watched some Netflix while doing some online shopping.

Before and after


We always try and prioritise Sundays for a family day and that’s exactly what we did today! We decided to go exploring a local park/zoo that is close by which was so much fun. We went and grabbed some lunch at a local pub after and my husband and I enjoyed a cheeky cocktail and beer before heading home to relax. We’re almost in full swing of our evening routine which consists of prepping lunches and getting organised for a fresh week. I’m about to go and wrestle my children into the shower before having to drag them out ( Yes, they argue about going in AND argue about getting out) before having an hour of “me” time before dinner.



  1. Magic In The Everyday
  2. Fightmsdaily
  3. gratitude4gratitude

Thanks for reading and I hope everyone else is having a safe and happy weekend ☮

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